Running GPS on voxl2

  • I have spliced a holy bro pixhawk 4 GPS to J19 on the voxl2 and am getting power to the device, but there is no GPS_CONFIG parameters to set to the serial port inside QGC. Any specific parameters I need to set to tell the firmware where the GPS is plugged into? Currently running the modalai base iteration of PX4 on the voxl2.

  • Dev Team

    @Zachary-Lowell Yes, it is in voxl-px4.config. The gps start line has a -d parameter to specify the serial port. But J19 is the standard place to attach GPS so you can stick with what is already there. But please note that Holybro made changes to the pixhawk 4 GPS unit a few months ago and VOXL 2 only works with the newer updated version. If you have an older unit it will not work.

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