[INFO] Waiting for fastboot...

  • Hi there! I've been trying to flash my system image using Ubuntu 18.04 on VirtualBox and I am facing many difficulties.


    Current system image: ModalAI 3.3.0 (I want to upgrade it to 3.8.0+ so that I can update voxl-suite)
    ** the only package that allows that is voxl_platform_3.8.0-0.7 for VOXL 1

    Voxl-suite: 0.5.0 (I have also done opkg update && opkg upgrade in voxl, and it also has voxl-suite 0.2.0 now)

    I have [INFO] adb installed and [INFO] fastboot installed, but when I try sudo fastboot devices or fastboot devices, nothing happens, even though I can see the device using adb devices.

    I also do not have the USB Expander and Debug Board, but I do not think my VOXL needs to be unbricked since it loads up fine. However, when I run sudo ./install.sh, the board reboots and I have noticed that it browns out (the current draws only 0.05-0.06A). I am also using 8.5V of voltage.

    No matter how long I wait, or even after turning off the power supply and turning it on, I am always getting [INFO] Waiting for fastboot... If I do not reboot the device myself, I will not see it in Devices -> USB, but if I do reboot it, I will see the VOXL under USB.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Solution here

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