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  • I'm writing a C++ ros node to do 3D object detection using AiDetectionMsg and the pointcloud generated from the stereo camera. How would I subscribe to the AiDetection topic in my code? I couldn't find the topic name via rostopic list. I tried doing

    #include <voxl_mpa_to_ros/AiDetection.h>

    but running catkin build gives a not found error.

  • @Isabella-Yu said in Subscribe to voxl_mpa_to_ros topics:

    #include <voxl_mpa_to_ros/AiDetection.h>

    The topic name for AiDetectionMsgs is tflite_data, and should be published by voxl_mpa_to_ros automatically if voxl-tflite-server is running and publishing to the pipe at /run/mpa/tflite_data.

    For a custom ROS node using the AiDetectionMsg, you will have to manually copy the AiDetection.msg file that lives here and use catkin to generate the associated header file. This tutorial covers this fairly well, but the main two additions to your CMakeLists will be adding these lines:


    Then, when you need to include this message within your project, the syntax is simply:

    #include <project_name/AiDetection.h>
    // where project_name is as whatever you define in your CMakeLists, i.e. 
    // project(voxl_mpa_to_ros)

  • Thanks! I'll try this out

  • @Matt-Turi how would I manually start /run/mpa/tflite_data? I switched to a different m500 and started voxl-tflite-server, but there appears to be no /run/mpa/tflite_data pipe, only the /run/mpa/tflite pipe. The model I'm using is the default MobileNetV2 object detection model for VOXL, and I reset the drone to factory defaults using voxl-configure-tflite

  • @Isabella-Yu,

    If there is no tflite_data pipe, you may be using a version of voxl-tflite-server that does not have the ai_detection_t added yet. This feature was added in v0.2.0, so make sure you are using the latest available version!

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