• Hi,

    We are trying to use Octomap on VOXL which has TOF installed. We are facing an issue with pcl_ros library, as octo map needs this library. Could you suggest a solution to this or if you could suggest which other 3D mapping package we could use.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Dev Team

    We recommend using Ubuntu in a Docker for that type of package. You can communicate ROS from yocto into Docker

  • Thank for your reply.
    How did you map or which mapping package or procedure did you guys use, for mapping in your video of ToF?

  • Dev Team

    We used the mvVM mapping feature in mvSDK. We are currently migrating to voxblox. We do not have official support for this yet, but you can see the work in progress here:

    it is using the roskinetic docker though too.

  • Thanks for your reply.We are now able to use Octomap. But the problem we are facing is we are getting odometry using mavros and we are getting point cloud from hal3_tof_cam, but both of these topics are in different fixed frames. I wanted to know what is the idea behind using /base_link instead of /map in the fixed frame in voxl_hal3_tof_cam_ros?

  • @Chad-Sweet We tried this by building our own ros kinetic expanded image as instructed, we also compiled mavros_test from the repository. But now adb is losing its connection frequently. Within a minute or so, it comes out of adb shell and also turns off the voxl hotspot and when we do adb devices, it says "device offline".
    Also, when we do adb shell, it says sometimes error:closed .

    This happens when we run this command as instructed - "voxl-imu-server running". Based on our observation, whenever we run this command, everything that we mentioned above happens.

  • Dev Team

    Can you run voxl-perfmon? Is it just mavros_test or are other things running? Sounds like you might be overheating or throttling down due to thermal

  • @Chad-Sweet To execute that command, we need to go inside voxl. But it is not allowing us to open the adb shell. Even after restarting it and nothing else (i.e just the shell), it still shows adb error. I have included a picture for you to look at it!Screenshot from 2021-01-28 17-31-21.png

    Is it possible to connect via team viewer to look into this issue? We can set up a time for it.

  • Dev Team

    I think you'll need to reflash the system image. From your previous posts it sounded like ADB goes away consistently after a few minutes. If you can't get to ADB after reboot, then it sounds like it's bricked. See here:

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