Heavy Drone Stability Problem.

  • We are building a custom drone and when the VOXL was flying on a smaller version, it was very stable. Transferring the flight controller and recalibrating on a larger drone with a higher center of gravity, the drone crashed. We assume that the default tuning does not account for the cg which is higher on the z-axis. What is the best way to go about minimizing oscillation and increase stability.

    Before the crash, on take off, the system began to oscillate in a circular motion. After 8 seconds, the drone then flipped as if it could not balance the heavy batteries on top.

    Before we begin a rebuild/redesign of placing the batteries on bottom, what could we do, as far as software and tuning that could potentially help solve this stability problem?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Caleb,

    All new multirotor vehicles need to go through PID tuning before being safe for flight

    Our systems mostly run PX4, so it is definitely recommended to follow the px4 PID tuning guide https://docs.px4.io/v1.12/en/config_mc/pid_tuning_guide_multicopter.html

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