Disconnected from Wi-Fi

  • Hi,We use the m500 for indoor flight.

    Sometimes while we setting program or config it would suddenly disconnected from Wi-Fi (our Wi-Fi mode is station btw..)and the fan ran with full speed. Thus, we have to unplug the battery to reboot m500.

    Do you know what kind of problem might cause this situation? and is there any way besides hard reboot to solve it? My guess is Wi-Fi condition cause this problem, since our Wi-Fi here sometimes is not quite well and after it disconnected it just never coming back unless hard reboot.

  • Dev Team

    We have not seen an issue where the wifi goes away and doesn't come back. Is there a lot of interference? The built-in wifi isn't that powerful, it might just be drown out by noise.

  • Yes there's a lot of interference there, I will change the Wi-Fi mode to softap and give it a further test see if it happen again.

    Thanks for your response.🙂

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