RB5 video streaming does not show up on QGC

  • Platform: Pro Dev Kit (MRB-D0004-3-V1-F1-B1-C11-M7-T1-K2) - Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform Drone Reference Design and Quectel RM502Q-AE 5G Modem; RC radio version 1.1

    Software: full-flash of stock 1.0.5-M0052-9.1-perf-c, followed by installation of rb5-flight-sdk-1.1.3, then factory setting enabled

    [1] Follow https://docs.modalai.com/Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-streamer/#rb5-streamer to enable rb5-streamer service
    [2] QGC side configure rtsp://HOST_IP:8554/camera3 where HOST_IP IPv4 address of Qualcomm Flight RB5

    No video shows up on the QGC side.


  • Dev Team

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  • Dev Team

    Hi @sesajap ,

    Can you confirm if you are using SoftAP or station mode?

    What host OS are you using with QGC?

    Can you confirm you can ping the vehicle from host?

    Can you try using VLC as a means to remove QGC from the equation?


  • RB5 is on 5G; openvpn in between RB5 and QGC host.

    QGC host is running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

    QGC host can ping RB5 ipv4 10.8.0.x where x is RB5

    Run VLC on QGC host and results in same error where VLC can not play rtsp://10.8.0.x:8554/camera3

    RB5 has rb5-streamer.service active running:

    qrb5165-rb5 systemd[1]: Started rb5-streamer.
    qrb5165-rb5 rb5-streamer[2470]: [INFO] RTSP stream ready at rtsp://VEHICLES_IP:8554/camera3
    qrb5165-qrb5165-rb5 rb5-streamer[2470]: gbm_create_device(156): Info: backend name is: msm_drm
    rb5 rb5-streamer[2470]: gbm_create_device(156): Info: backend name is: msm_drm

  • Any advise to troubleshoot the video streaming issue?

  • Dev Team

    Hi there, Yes, let's check the camera stream:

    on your host computer, in a terminal, run: "xhost +"

    power up rb5, ssh login: "ssh root@10.8.0.x -X" (make sure you have the -X option)
    In the rb5 ssh session, run the following:

    systemctl stop rb5-streamer   

    Then run in the ssh session:

    gst-launch-1.0 -v qtiqmmfsrc video_0::bitrate=100000 camera=3 ! video/x-raw,format=NV12,width=640,height=480,framerate=15/1 ! videoconvert ! xvimagesink 

    If you get no video, then we have a camera/streamer issue (unlikely). Power cycle and confirm again that there's no video.

    But If you get video, then disable rb5-streamer via:

    rb5-streamer-configure (choose '2')

    power cycle rb5, again, ssh back in and manually run the streamer via:

    rb5-streamer -d -c 3

    and try to connect via vlc/qgc, the debug output will show a connection of 1 when connected. If not, then there should be output on the issues, If there is no debug output (and stays '0') then there is a network restriction (e.g. bandwidth is too little) issue. Re enable the streamer by running rb5-streamer-configure (choose '1').

  • Hi @Cliff-Wong ,

    Thanks for showing the streaming method using gst-launch command.
    I have used a similar command to stream camera=2 (suppose this one is 4K camera in my RB5 as I check all cameras from 0 to 4). However, when I increase resolution of video more than 640x480, the color of the video looks weird. For example:
    But when increasing resolution higher than 720x480, e.g., 1920x1080, the color of the image is weird. For example, blue color on the EXIT board will turn to orange (I cannot upload the large image on this website).

    Do you know how and where to fix this issue?
    Btw, I have increased bitrate=10,000,000 in qtiqmmfsrc but it does not help.

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