Spectrum failed to enter binding mode

  • Platform: Pro Dev Kit (MRB-D0004-3-V1-F1-B1-C11-M7-T1-K2) - Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform Drone Reference Design and Quectel RM502Q-AE 5G Modem; RC radio version 1.1

    Software: full-flash of stock 1.0.5-M0052-9.1-perf-c, followed by installation of rb5-flight-sdk-1.1.3, then factory setting enabled

    [1] The spectrum and DX6e are 10 feet apart. Both are powered off.
    [2] Power on Flight RB5 using AC adapter without battery installed. Over USB adb shell, issue command $rb5-bind -s
    [3] Expect spectrum blink with orange color, but see no light emit from spectrum; thus hold bind button while power on DX6e results in BIND Failure

    One thing is when DX6e power on without holding bind button, then spectrum starts blinking in orange after pressing bind button of DX6e a couple of time, but as soon as DX6e powers off, then spectrum stop blinking as well.

    Question: https://docs.modalai.com/Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-user-guide-pre-flight-setup/ failed to enter bind mode with RC version 1.1 hardware. How to resolve?

    Thank you.

  • Dev Team

    Does your RB5 have a binding board? You can check if you have this connector. Should be on the right-hand side: 20220613_185010.jpg
    There's two different procedures for binding depending on your config.

    If you turn on the transmitter first and then the drone, does the satellite have a steady orange light?

    Can you try the binding procedure with the drone powered with a battery or run with a power supply? Might not be getting enough juice with just the ac power adapter.
    If the Spektrum satellite is not flashing orange, it hasn't started the binding protocol. Until it starts flashing then you can attempt to bind with the transmitter.

  • RB5 does not look like have binding board and Spektrum RC is v1.1 per https://docs.modalai.com/Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-user-guide-pre-flight-setup/ .

    If turn on DX6e first, then power on RB5, Spektrum has a blinking orange light. Then power off DX6e, Spektrum blinking orange light goes off right away. This state leaves DX6e no chance to do bind procedure.

  • Dev Team

    Early RB5 Flight shipments came with an extra piece of hardware to assist with binding, see this doc here: https://docs.modalai.com/Qualcomm-Flight-RB5-user-guide-pre-flight-setup/#rc-radio-setup and shown in the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/zAPg070k8do

  • Indeed, my bad, early RB5 has RC version 1.0. Bind successfully now after connecting AR6210 manual bind satellite. Thank you, Chad! Thank you, Adrian!

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