a customized drone - compatibility of the modules

  • Hi,
    we are building a drone the size of Seeker with some VOXL modules.

    Is the VOXL Flight Deck compatible with VOXL ESC v2 and T-Motor F2203.5 1500KV? If not, any suggestions for motors would be appreciated.

    As far as the power distribution, do you recommend your 3S battery pack with XT30 ( https://www.modalai.com/products/seeker-battery?_pos=1&_sid=a7e9292fd&_ss=r ) OR your 4S battery pack with XT60 ( https://www.modalai.com/products/4s-battery-pack-gens-ace-3300mah) for a VOXL Flight Deck with T-Motor F2203.5 1500KV?

    As for the cameras, does VOXL Flight Deck support external cameras (e.g. ZED 2 camera) with USB 3 connections?

    which of your modules do you recommend as replacements for the stereo camera, tracking camera, and Hires sensors, to have the recording in colors instead of black & white?


  • @mbahrami

    Modal AI ESC&2203.5 -- I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work.

    Battery voltage selection depends on how fast you need to spin the given prop of choice to generate sufficient lift/performance you need in your platform. If you spin the motor at one speed with 3S and that generates the performance you need then go with that. If you move to 4S and in doing so get the performance you want in terms of speed, endurance etc then go with 4S. Really depends on what your goals are. You can pick up a variety of battery pack configurations from any drone/FPV store and try those out -- just make sure you match your connector or get an adapter.

    Here are some posts on USB Cameras. I have tried this with some -- it works. https://docs.modalai.com/uvc-streaming/

    For something like the Zed2 you probably need some custom drivers on the VOXL to work properly.

    Re: other color cameras -- defer to the ModalAI team on those.

    Hope this helps,

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