Reading camera frames from rb5-camera-server

  • I am trying to access frames from the cameras that are otherwise in use by rb5-camera-server. Ideally it would be nice to keep the option to use the VIO and VOA that depend on the camera server.

    Is it possible for other applications to read camera data the way rb5-camera-client, VIO, and VOA do? I can't find any information on RB5 camera server page ( on how to read the pipes created by the camera server. Is there any overlap with the information found in the VOXL Camera server page (

  • Dev Team

    We are working on a port of VOXL SDK for the RB5 Flight platform right now. We expect a stable release in late June / early July

    The code is available on the dev branch. If you are comfortable recovering your system into a known, working state, then you could try to install now and see if what is there works for you. VOXL SDK of course has all of the flexibility built in to have multiple clients, etc.

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