VOXL-2 Reject position control error

  • We are trying to run sentinel with voxl-2 in position control mode. We have calibrated the ESCs, all the sensors (compass, accel, gyro) and RC input. Even after all the calibration, we can fly in manual mode but the drone is unable to switch to position mode. The QGC outputs a log message saying Reject Position control. Our flight controller passes all the pre-flight checks for arming.

    We suspect the cause is the following: In the MAV link inspector, we saw that the local NED position in z drifts by atmost of 20 centimeters. We also saw that the Odometery message seen in mavlink inspector does not drift at all and is equivalent to the values reported by voxl-qvio-inspector in local NED frame. We are unable to figure out how to get a stable local NED position in mavlink to align with the qvio.

    or Is there anything else to configure to get into position control?

  • Dev Team


    We ship the Sentinel configured to fly outdoors using GPS positioning so that may be the reason for VIO not working for you. All you should have to do is load our EKF2 indoor/vio params. I'll drop a link to where you can find all relevant param files and helper files such as the ekf2_indoor_vio.params that you need.


    Please let us know if this helps

  • Yes this fixed the issue. We are able to fly in position control mode indoors. Thanks!

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