Gremsy gimbal integration with Flight Core

  • We are using a Gremsy gimbal on a Flight Core based UAV. The Flight Core has a Herelink on TELEM1 (J5) and a companion computer on TELEM2 (J1), so we have the Gremsy on TELEM3 (J4). Ultimately, we will be controlling the gimbal using the MAV_CMD_DO_MOUNT_CONTROL command in a qgc.plan file.

    In the short term, we are trying to get it to work with the joystick connected to QGC. The recipes that work on Pixhawk and Cube do not seem to work on Flight Core.

    Does anyone have a success story for integrating Gremsy + Mavlink + Flight Core?

    Thank you for your input.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @steveb2014 ,

    Using a TELEM port should get you the same interface as standard Pixhawks, perhaps some params need to be changed for baud etc.

    Do you have specific issues or errors you are seeing?


    Also, some info on our use of a gimbal with FlightCore here --> although it was using a little 2-axis PWM controlled gimbal.... I think the MAVLink approach is better.

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