Question about voxl-dfs-server.conf and voxl-tflite-server.conf

  • Hi team,
    I saw there was a skip_n_frames parameter available in both voxl-dfs-server.conf and voxl-tflite-server.conf. I am wondering if the usage of this one is to reduce resource cost or runtime latency for processing OpenCV libs or TensorFlow lite models? If skip_n_frames is 0, all frames will be used to feed to the libs, right?

    Also, I am wondering what's the meaning of dt(ms) in the voxl-inspect-gps? Does it mean the internal GPS refresh rate?

    Since m500 has 3 IMU sensors, it seems only imu0 with a default 1K rate is used in the voxl-qvio-server.conf. What if I change the it to imu1, will the performance of VIO be impacted?


  • Hey @Alex-Gardner, can you please advise about this question? Thanks.

  • Dev Team

    Yes, the skip_n_frames is used for the CPU-intensive algorithms that can't run at full 30hz. Setting it to 0 will try to process all of the frames.

    dt(ms) is the time delta in milliseconds between gps samples.

    We've tested the imus a lot and the most reliable one is imu0, you'll probably see vio's performance drop if you use imu1.

  • @Alex-Gardner All right, thanks so much for that 😉

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