Simulation Software for drones

  • I have recently purchased a drone but initially wanted to learn on a simulator if possible. Is there a model available for ROS-Gazebo-Rviz or any other simulator?
    I use Ubuntu 18 and ROS Melodic.
    In case there is a different way to start with programming the drones to avoid crashing them, feel free to suggest.
    I really appreciate any help you can provide.

  • Dev Team


    We don't have a model for Gazebo, but the frame is essentially a Holybro s500, and there may be some out there.

    I've used JMAVSim a bit and it works well. We have a HIL tutorial here:

    That might be a little overkill and software in the loop might work:

    I'm actually pretty new to flying still. The m500 at first was intimidating for me (I'd come into the office early before everyone else so I could fly without any pressure haha ;). I bought a little toy $25 USD drone off amazon and flew that at home for a while, and then moving to the m500 was actually pretty easy!

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