VOXL Flight will not flash image

  • When attempting to flash the VOXL Flight, the VOXL would go into flashboot mode but it never got out of flashboot mode, even after several minutes. The ./install.sh script was stuck on <waiting for devices> as well. I attempted to flash without the Debug Add-on and with it as well (even though we had shell access to the VOXL) and both methods did not work. This was attempted both with the 2.5.2 and 3.1.0 images. Though we have access to this current image, it would be nice to be able to reflash the system image, especially as newer images come out. Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Dev Team

    Hi @scottesicdrone ,

    Does the flashing process start at all? You'd see text spitting out to console. I'm trying to see if it's choking on fastboot commands.

    The system goes into the fastboot mode after a adb reboot bootloader command is issued (after which point running fastboot devices would show the device).

    I've seen on some systems, that the adb commands work, but fastboot commands don't work without running with sudo.

    If needed, I could get a TeamViewer session going (I'm in PST).

  • The flashing process doesn't seem to really start. My guess is that the problem lies within the bootloader because our team was also having issues with updating the firmware both through and USB and when the process was done through USB, the upload.sh script was stalled on "waiting for the bootloader...", at which point I aborted the upload. My colleague @gus will be around at 4PM EST to discuss our issues; I have to attend to another project but he is just as informed on our issues as I am, if not more. You can reach him at gus@sicdrone.com. Thank you for being so responsive!

  • @scottesicdrone
    The problem is because fastboot command needs root to run properly or else it wont detect device in bootloader.

    refer this for more info about running it without root.

    or simply run install.sh script as root.

  • This solved the flashing issue, I thought i did this all as root but I didn't! Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @modaltb ,
    Just wondering if I could also get some support about a simular issue.

  • Dev Team

    Hi Kris,

    Can you make a new thread explaining your issue in more detail?

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