OMX Encoder

  • Hello,
    I am working with the VOXL2 and the FLIR Boson 640 camera. I have the FLIR connected via the Microhard expansion board. When using Gstreamer and the OMX encoder to stream camera data, the resolution of the video is fine on the first frame, but immediately degrades to a very poor quality. I have tried streaming multiple resolution settings, and tried using the voxl-streamer application as well.

    Software encoding works fine for resolution but does not supply the proper latency for my application. OMX fails with the FLIR as well as a visual light camera I am using. Hoping to receive updates on the progress being made on getting the OMX hardware acceleration working properly.

  • Dev Team

    @ComputerDev Yes, thanks, we will provide updates on this as work progresses.

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