current status for autonomous gimbal control

  • Hello,

    and sorry. I know there are a lot of threads on this topic, but they're not clear enough for me, especially since I currently have limited experience with MAVLink.
    My problem is that I'm about to spend a lot of money on these drones and I need to make absolutely sure beforehand that the required setup is even possible.

    I need to mount a 2-axis gimbal on an m500. The tilt angle of this gimbal should be autonomously controlled by providing an angle to a software (e.g. a python script) which sets it accordingly. The gimbal will be custom made using a standard gimbal controller, e.g. a Storm32 or an AlexMos.

    Are there any experiences in integrating such a controllers with the VOXL hardware? Also, since your drones seem to be precisely calibrated, will an attached gimbal have a strong negative influence on stability?

    Thanks and best regards

  • Dev Team

    Hi @janis_blank ,

    We haven't integrated this ourselves before.... we had tried some PWM based gimbal controllers and did not like the end result... mainly the control interface was lacking with our PWM setup (8 channel, no extra PX4IO).

    The m500 has VOXL-Flight, which has spare TELEM ports available, so the interface should be available.

    There could be small tweaks to params for flight performance, but in general I don't think it would affect stability. I can check with the flight guys who know more about that, but I remember slapping a small gimbal on without needing to tweak much....

    Are you using this gimbal controller elsewhere with PX4 on another flight controller?

  • i manage to move gimbel, just send mavlink command to desired pwm
    wrote an android soft for my client in android with java.

  • Hi @modaltb ,

    so I can connect it to the telemetry port (J5 on this page), configure it in QGroundControl like e.g. on a normal Pixhawk and access it via Pathon-DroneKit or MavSDK? That would be great.

    I never used one of these gimbal controllers at all, so no experiences here.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @janis_blank ,

    In theory yes, it's 3.3V TTL with 5V power supply on that connector.

    There are MAVLink baud rate settings and mode that you may need to configure.

    We sell the FlightCore stand alone, which is a low cost way to test the theory out as well, but I'm not seeing a huge risk on the system connection.

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