YouTube video, office navigation

  • Dear all,

    in your YouTube video, you show how the drone (I think it was seeker) move from one office to another avoiding walls.

    can you share how you achieve it?


  • Hi Zeev,

    That demo was done using the voxl-mapper project. You can find the source for it here or install it directly with opkg install voxl-mapper. Note that the project as a whole is still in beta, the mapping component is very stable but the autonomous flying (and safety checks) are very much under active development. We encourage you to play with both, but to be very vigilant when conducting autonomous flights.

  • great, will look into it.
    I already started to modify the web interface to support react, waiting for the board to check my work.
    I will look also in your code.

    last question, I saw also in video take off and landing, and flying in circle and 8 figure, where I can look the code for it (prefer python).

  • We don't ship default modes for autonomous takeoff/landing (though this wouldn't be too hard). The source for the figure 8 mode can be found here (no python sorry, all of our embedded code is c/++)

  • great, thanks for sharing.

    last question, I bought the voxl flight deck.
    for building the system ask me apq8096 or qrb5156, which type should I choose?


  • Dev Team

    @Zeev-Mindali apq8096

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