Unable to open port while calibrating ESC

  • At the point in the ESC calibration python program where I attach the USB cable and reconnect power to our flight core, I receive the following message:
    Using portname /dev/serial/by-id/usb-ModalAI_PX4_FMU_ModalAI_FCv1_0-if00
    Error: Unable to open port

    I'm using Castle Multi-Roto 35 ESC's and I cannot get all the motors to spin.

    This is my last try. I've about given up on the flight core.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Jimk_Aero ,

    Sorry to hear about the problems. Not being able to power off USB does make this hard and is a carry over from the VOXL Flight....

    • Even without ESC calibration, you can manually attempt to spin a motor, if using PWM, via this: https://dev.px4.io/master/en/middleware/modules_command.html#pwm
      Do you have an oscilliscope? You could probe the PWM channel output pretty easy (pins 2-5 for a quad) and see if you see any signal coming out of the board. If there's no signal, when you expect it, on a single channel, try to look at those ESD diodes right next to the connector and check for any fried parts.

    • PX4 FW version you are running? There are two programs to handle some edge cases, px4-esc-cal-tool-v1-11.py and px4-esc-cal-tool.py

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