Flight RB5 Questions.

  • Hi~!

    The reason for inquiring as follows is to confirm the technical level of Flight RB5 board and all the necessary things to do business.

    Q1. If we guides aircraft manufacturers to purchase Flight RB5 boards, which company can they purchase through? The board must be KC certified.

    Q2. How much does the board cost?
    I would like to know the price of the board itself, excluding accessories such as aircraft frame and propellers.

    Q3. I would like to know the detailed operation details of the VOA function included in the Flight RB5 product.
    What is the difference compared to the functions included in the existing PX4 firmware?
    For example, I wonder if there is a separate setting value, such as setting the direction to avoid when an object is detected.
    It would be easier to understand if there is a video showing the VOA function of Flight RB5.

    Q4. Does the Flight RB5 board have a port for connecting a USB device?

    Q5. Is the USB port of the Flight RB5 board structured to withstand vibrations that occur during flight?

    Q6. Can the Flight RB5 board be equipped with a cooling fan?

    Q7. Does the Flight RB5 board support an HDMI Input port for connecting an HDMI camera?

  • Dev Team

    1. ModalAI is the only manufacturer of Qualcomm Flight RB5 boards
    2. We will release more pricing information soon.
    3. The VOA functionality creates the depth map and obstacle map on the CPU and passes that information to PX4 running on the DSP.
    4. Yes, there is USB expansion, datasheet has all of the details here
    5. The USB expansion through the modem carrier board uses JST-style connectors which are more vibration tolerant.
    6. The end UAV manufacturer can equip with a fan.
    7. HDMI input is not supported at this point

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