m500 using extended RB5 landing gear

  • Hi team
    I notice that there is a new version of landing gear available at the store

    This is an extended version (7.5in is good for gimbal height), and it's used for the latest RB5 but it seems this one could be compatible with m500, right?

    I double-check the installation on the RB5:
    Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 11.19.12 AM.png

    It looks like it will use the side opening holes to install, but I am not sure if it could work properly on the existing m500.

    My m500 was the late Nov 2021 version. It seems the side opening holes have been used for reinforcing the power unit and RC receiver. Can you please double-check if the new extended landing gear could be installed on my m500? If so, I would go ahead to purchase one.


  • I notice that the extended landing gear page is currently unavailable. I am wondering if the design of this landing gear still needs to be improved or the team is working on the compatibility with both RB5 and m500?

    Hope it will be back for sale very soon. Also, an m500 replacement installation video would be much helpful after that.

  • Hi @yu-zhang we are not offering extended landing gear at this time. You can extend the tubing on the landing gear legs if you would like more height on the M500.

  • @modalab , I would try to add a gimbal with a camera or other sensors attached on the m500. So, simply extending the brittle tubing on the landing gear legs is quite unsafe for a gimbal set.

    I think the extended landing gear on RB5 is the best option for the gimbal purpose. So, will you make the extended landing gear available in the upcoming release? If so, it would be much better to add an installation video for both RB5 and m500.

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