Overlay of obstacle during collision prevention

  • Hi All
    I am trying out the VOA at moment, it works as intended!
    But i have this confusion when it comes to the obstacle overlay that shows on the GCS.
    VOA Overlay_11zon.jpg

    Here is the scenario, the obstacle is 2m in front of the nose of the aircraft. But from the Image you can see the obstacle is shown towards the right of the aircraft. Is there any way to correct this and show the obstacle overlay correctly? Also if you see on the bottom left corner there is no video feed and the obstacle over lay is incorrect.
    Other question whats the effective range and FOV within which the stereo cameras can detect an obstacle?
    In the test i had done the obstacle was 1m wide and 2m high cardboard sheet, if i was not dead centre or even slightly above 2m the obstacle was not able to be detected and I was able to fly dangerously close near the obstacle.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohammed Naveed

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