Voxl-mapper instructions

  • I was able to compile, deploy and run the voxl-mapper tool.

    I've generated some 0-byte ply and related files /etc/voxl_mapper, and noticed that when viewing live in rviz seems to result in triggering timestamp too new.

    What would be an ideal mapping process? How should the drone be handled in order to keep the service alive?


  • Dev Team

    Hello @alarm_hq!
    Please see the updated readme on voxl-mapper's dev branch for an overview guide of this package. As for the timestamp too new error, this error typically arises when there is a VIO blowup, and one way to prevent this is by ensuring that the tracking camera is correctly calibrated pre-flight. Also, please see the overview guide for instructions on viewing, as RVIZ is no longer utilized!

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