ESC calibaration

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to calibarate ESC. I'm foloowing the exact same procedure where I have removed the propellers, connected the Qgroundcontrol over USB and removed the battery. The problem is when I remove the batetry, the connection is lost (basically not getting power through USB). I have tried changing the USB cable as well, but no luck. Could anyone suggest something? Thank you.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @gauravshukla914 ,

    Our flight controller is a little unique in that it can't be powered off USB so yes, it will lose power and connection during the standard process. (The reason being our Flight Controller shares the 5V rail with the companion computer and 500mA off USB won't suffice!)

    To get around this, we have a tool that has a user guide here:

    This allows you to keep the battery connected during the ESC calibration process.

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