m500 Loses Position Data after incident

  • This is background I understand what I did wrong I just want to give the proper information to help me debug what is going on.
    I had and incident where I did not properly check the tightness of the self tightening props and had one come off during some stabilization testing. with the loss of the prop the drone flipped upside down and hit on the GPS from about 5' AGL. I repaired everything but the system will not perform up to its previous capability. Now if I change position too much(with an external force) I get a loss of position data and it fail safes to altitude mode.
    I have not touched any of the parameters or software services. the m500 is exactly as we received it.

    All VIO data appears to be working correctly and I am wondering if I damaged the compass?
    How do I diagnose if it is a bad compass or if I damaged something else?

  • I believe I found the issue. My battery was at 34% capacity while I was flying. (I am running a 4s 3300mah). I fully charged the battery and it performs as expected.

    Is there some lower voltage bound we need to be aware of?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @jsearlePSU_ARL ,

    I wouldn't expect battery affecting the measurement, but possibly vehicle response (although not at 34%). The default params are setup for 4s as well.

    When batteries get low, 'power' gets low, and thus response, so the oomph to move to desired location, but not the sensors ability to measure (that power source is from the VOXL power module output, not tied to the motors power per-se).

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