Flight Core part of VOXL Flight stopped responding

  • Hello,
    I have VOXL Flight Deck with single board VOXL Flight and i encountered a problem with Flight Core part of the board. The VOXL companion computer part works well and responds to adb, but i suddenly can not access Flight Core part even if i connect it directly by usb to my computer. Also the STM32 gets really hot, so i don't know if it could be a software issue or if something gone wrong with hardware. What would You suggest to do in this situation? Is there any other way to check if Flight Core hardware is ok other than connecting with QGC?

  • @Artur yes, try connecting to Mission Planner. Did you change any MAV related settings?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Artur ,

    There's a mechanism to attempt to talk via UART from VOXL to the STM32, please see here: https://docs.modalai.com/voxl-vision-px4-nuttx-shell/

    Typically, more heat than normal could be a HW fault, where current is leaking through some "undesired" path.....

  • Thank You for Your responses. Unfortunately Mission Planner doesn't see the device. I also tried via nuttx-shell, but voxl doesn't get any response from stm32, so it's probably a problem with the hardware.

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