Obstacle Course conference competition using the M500

  • I am a Student in the UAS program at Sinclair College obtaining my 4-year degree for a BAS in UAS. Recently Sinclair's Race Team has entered a object detection competition that involves our team using the M500 to fly the obstacle course autonomously and detect rubber ducks on the ground. As of right now, the team has only began to work with the aircraft, and we have a lot of ground to cover.
    we need to complete the following in the next two weeks:

    • Find a way to create or record an automated flight using QGroundControl.

    • Figure out the proper way to package a detection dataset in a docker file then bring that onto the aircraft.

    • Create a reactionary command in the automated flight to prompt the M500 to hover over the detected object for 2 seconds and then make the aircraft return to the automated flight path.

    If any of these things could be done with the M500, guidance from someone who has experience with these tasks would be greatly appreciated. Even if the answer is "these things cannot be done with the M500" that would be excellent information to know about.

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  • Just wanted to give an update on our current status.
    My team participated in the obstacle course event, but with a different aircraft. After many failed attempts to operate the M500 indoors success occurred with a more user friendly aircraft with lower quality components.


  • Dev Team

    @Cool-Karp ,

    Congrats on your success! We are all here to learn so if you have any features you find missing that you found on another development platform please let us know!


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