object avoidance feature is disabled?

  • Hi dev,

    Nowadays, I found disappeared object avoidance feature on technical documents.

    1. I wonder this feature is not applied to newest voxl-vision 0.4.6.

    2. If I enable voa flag(already set collision prevention and object avoidance parameter on QGC), which features are invoked on VOXL? only collision prevention?

    3. if right, what I have to do to use avoidance feature on QGC?

    4. One more thing, in the case of voxl, object avoidance feature is originally implemented on voxl or use embedded avoidance algorithm from PX4?



  • Dev Team

    The obstacle avoidance on voxl uses the disparity map coming out of voxl-dfs-server (so make sure this is running if you want obstacle avoidance), and passes the obstacle data into the standard px4 bins (thus using the px4 avoidance algorithm)

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