Why VOXL-M500 choose Spektrum satellite receiver as the receiver?

  • Hello,

    I just noticed that the default receiver in VOXL-M500 is a spektrum satellite receiver from your offical website. I have done some investigations online, and it seems that for receivers, usually there are a main receiver and a satellite receiver work together to add security to avoid signal loss, like this productAR6200.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. Why you didn't choose to use a main receiver and a satellite receiver? I searched online, it says one satellite receiver may also works, is that the reason?

    2. For the bind process of the transmitter and the receiver, do I need a main receiver to guarantee the binding will works? some people online says main receiver with Satellite receiver is needed to make sure the binding works even if you just use one satellite receiver in your flight.

    Any suggestion and comments will be helpful!

  • Dev Team

    Hi @DarkKnightCH ,

    We offer other receivers to be installed on the m500 as well, but roughly:

    1. weight and size, indoor flying was a primary first use case, spectrum is good for that. For outdoor it works but the range isn’t great, so you could use another receiver. The satellite receiver 100 percent works as we’ve shipped hundreds in this config, but please choose from the options that fit your need for longer range. If you need BVLOS, consider LTE instead, but you should be savvy to setup a VPN server!

    2. No main reciever needed. The satellite receiver is put into binding mode via a button in QGC. We’ve bound hundreds of vehicles this way. After pressing the button, the reciever flashes it’s LED quickly to indicate it’s in binding mode.

    Please note, there are knock offs “spektrums” in the world that may not work.

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