Error in Camera Server when trying to use TOF Sensor

  • Hi, System is currently on 3.2.0. When connecting the TOF and configuring it, camera server almost always dies on start-up with the following error. Physical connection seems to be fine! Is there some docs on camera server errors?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Daniel,
    This definitely looks like a connection issue. Even if there are no visible breaks in the cable, this can be caused by a number of other issues, such as the cable being plugged in the wrong way or a fold in the cable. Can you send a picture of your tof cable setup.

  • @Alex-Gardner
    Sorry for the late answer, just got back to working on this stuff. After getting this error again and restarting voxl a few times, I'm now getting a seg fault everytime I try to start camera server. I included the segfault and the connection in the pictures. Same error happens when I don't use the extension cable.

  • I've also been seeing this behaviour (system img 3.3) when using TOF - particularly when other cameras are also enabled (via voxl-configure-cameras)

    Like @danielh's first picture, i have seen error code -19 and also 4 and 2, all from TOF camera - these seem to be from mmqcamera / hal3 camera manager -- is there any documentation on what these error codes correspond to?

    I'll also note that i had neither fan nor heat sink and noticed a potential correlation with the error and high cpu temps

  • Dev Team

    The segfault error is an error that occurs when closing camera server, not while it's running. This is happening immediately after running camera server because systemctl detected the segfault and tried to rerun camera server (thus closing yours since only one instance of camera server can be running at a time). If you want to run camera server manually, make sure to run systemctl stop(or kill) voxl-camera-server first to make sure there's no background conflict.

    The generic hal3 error codes can be found here, the -19 is a qualcomm specific one that we've found to be equivalent to ERROR_DEVICE (though we have been unable to find its proper definition), and has indicated that there is an error with the device and it will be unable to process any more requests.

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