Follow a moving apriltag (part 2)

  • I've been investigating on how to make the m500 follow a moving apriltag. I can see that there are different ways to approach this, I just don't want to re-invent the wheel by trying to achive this. Someone in the developer team told me to start by making some code of my own based on the "off-board mode follow tag" file in voxl-vision-px4. I can see that it is a code written in C, how can I run it? Do I have to use a specific Docker container? I noticed it is part of something called Modal Pipe Architecture, something I don't quite understand. Is this already something inside the VOXL right out of the box or do I have to install it? How can I use the ability of VOXL to detect Apriltags and do precision landings right out of the box but follow instead of landing?

    Sorry for all my questions at once 😞

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