PX4 stopped working

  • Hi. Our PX4 has suddenly stopped working and looks like its not receiving the power. The LED is not turning on and the GPS is not being turned on at all.

    We connected everything with the same configuration on the second Voxl flight deck that we have, and PX4 was connected successfully.

    We are unable to connect to the QGroundControl station as well

  • Dev Team

    Hi @gauravshukla914,

    What are you connecting to the Flight Deck? Are you able to share a picture or block diagram of what's being connected?


  • Hi @modaltb I have connected the power adapter that came up with the flight deck. We received this board just a few weeks ago. I have attached an image for your reference.


  • here's the working image. You can see that the VOXL has turned on here.image_67132161.jpg

    But no luck with the PX4.

  • Dev Team

    The Green LED you see there should never be active, it's a 'spare' LED for the FlightCore (PX4) side


    So if this LED is on, and the firmware hasn't been modified, then it's highly possible that the FlightCore side of the system (with the STM32 microcontroller running PX4)has been damaged 😕


  • @modaltb We didn't upgrade the PX4 firmware at all. All we did was changed the VOXL firmware from 3.1 to 3.2. We did some successful tests as well and everything worked fine. And Yesterday, PX4 stopped working suddenly.
    So what are our options right now? Like I said before, we ordered this board just a few weeks ago.

  • Dev Team

    One option is to send in and we can try to find a possible failure point. If LED1 isn't blinking then the FW isn't running, this means either the LED is bad (unlikely) or the STM32 is damaged.

    One quick question is with ESD safety. In the photo above, the back 'legs' are removed and the FlightCore PCB would be physically touching the table. This is 'probably' OK but without a properly grounded ESD mat, there's always a chance of inducing failures from ESD (rare, but possible, especially in low humidity).

  • @modaltb it was mounted properly. I just took it down to click a proper picture for you. Here's the image.


  • Dev Team

    OK got it.

    I'm assuming it's not connecting even with the USB connection straight to QGC, if that's the case we'd need to investigate further as to what is going on and that means sending into the factory for an analysis unfortunately.

    Likely the STM32 has been damaged in some way, as DS2 (the second LED) only turns on if programmed to do so and it's no, meaning that the pin is in 'wrong state' but more likely the pin has been fused to ground... There's nothing else in the path in the schematic that would allow the LED to be enabled.


    I can get an RMA going for further investigation, I'll send an email to the account on the forum.

  • @modaltb Yes you're right. Its not connecting to QGC via usb too.

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