VoxlCam needs better instructions for success

  • How does this make any sense? You provide a couple sentences and a link to vpn providers.
    Openvpn is a nightmare on their own besides trying to figure out how to setup and edit a config file on voxl. I have spent weeks and this is my second attempt at getting qground control to communicate with either the wifi or the 4g modem. You would think there would be better technical instructions in stead of vague and confusing little seeds of instruction like this. Pure jibberish
    even after figuring out connecting to voxl what does (openvpn --daemon --script-security 2 --config vpn-key.ovpn) even mean?

    This is the most important setup on the voxl modem and it goes nowhere

    OpenVPN client on VOXL
    The base VOXL System Image comes with OpenVPN pre-installed

    In order to use OpenVPN on VOXL, you will need to supply a configuration file and the certificates / keys for your VPN. These files can be placed in the directory /etc/openvpn.

    The following is an example of running OpenVPN as a daemon:

    cd /etc/openvpn

    openvpn --daemon --script-security 2 --config vpn-key.ovpn

    NOTE: The connection to the VPN will fail unless the date and time have been correctly set. This is required due to the dates embedded in the certificates. voxl-time-sync (included in voxl-utils) is a script that will run until the date and time have been set correctly and can be enabled to start on boot.

    Qground control is just as bad. how about some steps that accomplish something.
    I have invested several months with this voxl cam and would even consider moving into the voxl2 if there was someone who speaks english and can write a technical article that completes the process without diverting into several different configurations.
    You can't just leave people hanging or is that the objective. Frustrate users with massive technical overload so they give up.

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    @jconk If you're struggling with an issue you are more than welcome to create a post here with a description of the problem, things you've tried, things that aren't working, etc. and we will gladly help you resolve your issue.

    It seems as though this is your first post on this forum meaning you haven't reached out previously.

    We want people to succeed using our platforms and our team monitors this forum every day providing solutions.

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