List of potentially supported cameras with voxl-sdk

  • Just going through the included .so files in /usr/lib on the latest voxl 1 platform image, it looks like there may be a number of camera sensors which could be supported by voxl-camera-server (though I imagine the .so is just one part of the puzzle). Could someone from the team comment on whether this list is accurate:

    • imx214 (already known and used, m0024, m0025)
    • ar1335 (similar to see3 camera sensor?)
    • imx230
    • imx274
    • imx296
    • imx377 (already known, m0026)
    • imx378
    • imx412
    • imx477
    • ov7251 (this is the sensor used for the tracking camera and stereo cameras)
    • ov9281
    • ov9782

    Does anyone from the community have experience picking a camera sensor from this list from another vendor and integrating it with either the voxl 1 or voxl 2?

  • With regards to camera server, the "types" that it takes define behavior more than actual reading of drivers. The underlying camera layer will deal with the actual querying of the sensor and using those drivers that you've posted, and the type in the camera server config file will define a few behaviors like resolutions, image format, allowable streams, etc, some of which are customizable in the config file.

    The imx214 type in there is named as such because initially that was the only imx sensor that we used, and its behavior is applicable to (at the very least that we've tested) the 377 and 412 as well; and would likely work on some of the others that you've mentioned.

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