I2C requirements to add some extra sensors

  • Hello,

    I am building a custom drone using flight core 2, where I need to add some extra I2C based sensors. As per my understanding the flight core 2 have total 4 I2Cs, one I2C is used for power module (I2C3) and other is used in internal sensors (I2C4), I2C1 and I2C2 are available through connectors.

    I need to add 3 I2C based IR ToF sensor with fight core 2.
    Can I use I2C2 at J10 or I2C1 at J14 ?

    Is it possible to add IR ToF in bus format of I2C? If possible is there any impact on I2C speed?

    Looking forward for your support.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Dev Team

    Hi Asif,

    I'm not totally sure about the final use case (sensor driver and sensor implementations vary) but I can comment on the I2Cs on the hardware. In general you can have multiple I2C devices on the same bus (given they have ability to change slave addresses), so you may get away with multiples on a bus?

    I2C1 at J10 --> here normal use case is a magnetometer but yes you could use this, provided the driver looks for this port

    I2C2 at J14 -> here - this is 'spare' in our generic use case so should be OK

    Can you share PN of what you're trying to use? We don't have direct experience with ToF from Flight Core at this point to reference

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