reverting back to RB5 SDK and flight image

  • Re: Request backup files for system image re-flashing

    I followed the above docs as well as, but am getting stuck after flashing with QDL. After this flash, the adb is not being enabled, so I need to flash the new 9.1 image with Fastboot, but that fails due to the following error:
    Seemed like all paths fail due to some error.

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    @Sam-Kiley I would highly recommend loading VOXL SDK (Platform 0.9) release. It is much newer than any RB5 SDK release and will handle that flashing state with no issue.

  • yeah, we have another drone with voxl sdk on it and I agree of course. I am trying to diagnose an issue related to the quectel modem, and would like to use rb5 sdk and image since our past code seemed to work correctly on that, but then broke after upgrading to voxl sdk.

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    @Sam-Kiley In that case, I would just comment out any lines in the script related to the cam cal files and just manually push them on later.

  • I commented those out and it seemed to flash correctly. I might have lost the cam cals forever, since I couldn't pull them before flashing (adb didn't work), but I can survive with that.

    Adjacent question: Have you ever seen issues connecting with connecting with the quectel-CM command that is used in rb5-modem? I had a different ticket where the new version of quectel-CM fixed the connection issue, but its almost like when the old quectel-CM fails once, it will never work again after that. Trying to figure out why it fails the first time.

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    @Sam-Kiley We don't use the RB5 SDK anymore so haven't had experience with that specific version of quectel-CM is quite some time. We have a lot of customers using 5G via. voxl-modem on the latest VOXL SDK without issues.

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