Error while running voxl-vision-px4 on voxl2

  • voxl-vision-px4 is not running on voxl2. Here is the error

    voxl2:~$ voxl-vision-px4 
    voxl-vision-px4: symbol lookup error: voxl-vision-px4: undefined symbol: mcv_pc_downsample_generic_no_filter

    How to fix this ?

  • Dev Team

    Yes, the dev and staging branches had this dependency break yesterday as we transition through the rename of voxl-vision-px4 to voxl-vision-hub for the next stable SDK release. If you run apt update and apt upgrade on either the dev or staging package repos, voxl-vision-px4 should get automatically replaced by voxl-vision-hub and the dependency should be resolved.

    Note to others reading this post: the dev and staging branches are intended for ModalAI internal development only and we do not support them. We make no guarantee of stability or function on these branches. The SDK-X.Y platform releases are the tested stable releases for public use.

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