I'm not able to change frame-rate on tracking and stereo cameras...

  • Running the latest version (VOXL1 4.0.0), we noticed that frame-rate entries in the voxl-camera-server.conf don't have any affect for both stereo and tracking cameras (works as expected with hires).
    Digging into this I just wanna make sure I'm not barking up the wrong tree... Am I correct to assume that voxl-camera-server is the code that initializes the cameras? Does any other service read from voxl-camera-server.conf?

  • Dev Team


    I just ran a few tests on my board and saw the same behavior, so this'll be marked as an outstanding bug in camera server. There were a few flags that had to be changed to get framerate scaling to work on the QRB platforms and it seems that those are interfering with the raw streams on APQ.

  • @Alex-Gardner Looks like the voxl-camera-server makes a lot of calls into libraries that [I assume] are not available for browsing, true? Is this proprietary Qualcomm stuff?

  • Dev Team

    Camera server is mostly making calls to the HAL3 API, which is an open google spec standard for getting image frames, but the QC implementation is proprietary and behaves differently on the different systems, implementing different parts of the standard spec with different specific extensions to get it working.

  • @Alex-Gardner So I guess I can't really do much to debug this (without knowing more about the proprietary implementation), true?
    Point being... if there is documentation you can share, I'll gladly dig into this.

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