Possible to upgrade from 18.04 to 22.04

  • I'm planning on buying a couple of Sentinel dev drones, but I'm worried about its Ubuntu version, especially for PX4. Does the Sentinel 2 come with Ubuntu 22.04 out of the box? If not, which version of Ubuntu do you all currently ship?

    Concerned mainly about versioning, and we have a 24 month prototype cycle for an upcoming project.

    If Sentinel 2 comes with Ubuntu 20.04, is it possible to upgrade it to Ubuntu 22.04 easily? Will it break any of your VOXL2 scripts/API?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Slade-Villena , currently it's 18.04.

    Next on the roadmap is 20.04, but generally it's not upgradeable in our experience (e.g. I don't believe you can currently go 18 -> 20 without first us generating a full system image).

    Upgrades are on our roadmap but I don't have firm dates at this point unfortunately, so it's safe to say expect 18.04 for the time being.

  • @modaltb

    hardware + maintenance updates end on APR 2023 for Ubuntu 18.04. At least the security updates last until 2028, but its still a concern.

    Would it be possible to collaborate + coordinate with you all on an Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 build? Hyper-critical for an upcoming project, since we have a very long development cycle (most likely 2 - 4 years), and we really want to use Modal AI dev drones.

    Should we take this to emails? Please contact me : slade @ roguestar . ai if emails would be more appropriate for this topic.

  • We are also looking to start a project with the Sentinel development drone but we need to know if it is worth our time to start the project in Ubuntu 18.04. Could timelines be provided if there are plans to allow for upgrades to Ubuntu 22.04, which is our current standard? Screenshot from 2023-02-01 11-25-33.png

  • Please directly move to 22 version if possible

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