VOXL ESC to VOXL2 cable problem

  • Dear,
    We bought the VOXL2 kit + VOXL ESC V2.
    And in the web from the VOXL ESC says:
    The VOXL ESC is assembled in the USA and works directly with PX4 and VOXL 2.

    This is not true, because the cables included (MCBL-00013 & MCBL-00014) are not compatible with the VOXL2 connector.
    It needs the https://www.modalai.com/products/mcbl-00029 cable.

    Please, modify the webpage info!

    Many thanks!
    Kind regards,
    Eloi Vilalta from Eurecat

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Eloi ,

    Thanks for the feedback, our website is out of date and the the MCBL-00029 should have been included, let me work with our team and we'll get you a cable in the mail to resolve, I'll send an email to your address here.

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