VOXL m500, mpa-to-ros not publishing tflite-data topic

  • Operating on a VOXL (not VOXL 2), launching the mpa-to-ros node publishes the hires, imu, odometry, and tflite frames that can all be viewed by rqt image view, but I don't see the tflite-data topic (containing important bounding box info, confidence, class, etc) that should supposedly be there, according to the modalai tflite server page. Is this data topic only a supported feature for the VOXL 2s, or am I missing something? Is there a config file I need to edit?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi @jonathankampia,

    The tflite_data topic should be detected by voxl-mpa-to-ros and automatically published. This is functional with the latest platform release for voxl/voxl2.

    Could you share the output of voxl-version and the config file for the tflite-server under /etc/modalai/voxl-tflite-server.conf

  • Screenshot from 2023-01-04 09-14-38.png

    Screenshot from 2023-01-04 09-15-39.png

  • This functionality was added to voxl-mpa-to-ros in v0.2.2 and it seems you have some very old software on this drone. I recommend upgrading to the latest sdk by downloading and flashing the VOXL Platform 0.9 release from https://developer.modalai.com/

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