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  • As I understand we need to use the modified PX4 firmware provided by modalai on https://docs.modalai.com/flight-core-firmware/. That is currently based on version 1.11. Is there already an estimate of when version 1.12 or 1.13 will be released? I need to use a parameter which was introduced in version 1.12 so I'm curious to know.

    Also, what is expected if the original PX4 firmware (1.12 or 1.13) is used? I see some people on this forum using it and sometimes it is disregarded but sometimes you seem to be interested in the results. Could it work? Would be great to have a little bit more information on that.

    And if you are still in the testing phase of a new firmware version, is it possible to use some beta versions?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Tjark ,

    The original 1.12 and 1.13 likely will run OK, we just haven't validated these ourselves.

    We are getting close(r) to releasing with 1.13 using this branch:

    Our flight test team has used this, but we have seen a few errors in the flight logs. As this branch is currently a 1.13.1 fork with some mods by us, I'm planning on rebasing this branch to 1.13.2, keeping our mods (you can see those in our commits here ) and seeing if these flight log errors go away.

    We've also not done a full tune and a release for our M500 drones yet, but have this currently in the works as well. We will post updates to param files here to address any new tuning tweaks, but presently it's not 100% tuned. https://gitlab.com/voxl-public/flight-core-px4/px4-parameters/-/tree/master/platforms/v1.13

  • Thanks, I will try that

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