TBS Crossfire on VOXL 2 IO

  • The VOXL 2 is compatible with TBS Crossfire radio receivers through the UART on J19 connector; however, the UART is needed to connect to VOXL 2 IO expansion board. The VOXL 2 IO expansion board has a dedicated connector for Spektrum receivers. In the VOXL 2 documentation, both Spektrum and TBS Crossfire are connected to the UART on J19 connector. Does this imply that the dedicated connector for Spektrum receiver on the VOXL 2 IO expansion board can be used to connect to TBS Crossfire radio receivers?
    (VOXL 2 IO expansion board is necessary to connector to 6 external ESC's)

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Roy-Wood ,

    The VOXL2 IO board runs PX4IO code, and it's hard coded to SBUS and DSM on those two ports... so at this point CRSF isn't supported on the VOXL2 IO or planned.....


    BTW, when VOXL2 IO is connected to J19, the px4io PX4 side driver runs, which is here: https://github.com/modalai/px4-firmware/tree/voxl-dev/src/drivers/px4io

  • Does PX4 expect the radio link to come from the VOXL 2 IO expansion board or can the radio link be connected through a different connector, like "E" in the included diagram?


  • Dev Team

    Hi @Roy-Wood ,

    Natively, the RC and PX4IO drivers are looking at UART on J19.

    The ESC driver natively looks to J18 (E in the diagram). We've not tried RC on that UART and it's not "easily" configurable through a PX4 param, although I'm pretty sure modifying code could get it going... let me know if you are opening the hood up to the code base and I can point ya towards areas.

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