ToF sensor orientation through extrinsics.conf

  • Hi,

    The ToF sensor's orientation on VOXL portal is incorrect/deviated by 90 degrees on the pitch and yaw. We tried to edit the extrinsics.conf file to mitigate this issue but the pointcloud does not reflect this change in VOXL portal. Can you help me with this?

    Once we change the extrinsics.conf, what services do we need to restart in order for the changes to take effect?

    Device being used: VOXL & VOXL2 running the latest versions of voxl-suite and image
    Sensor in question: ToF oriented horizontally on the VOXL deck with the lens on the right and the reflector on the left.



  • Hi,

    VOXL Portal doesn't look at anything related to the extrinsics, it's just a debug tool to help visualize the data that's being passed around between the services. Any services that use the data coming from the tof sensor will use the data in the extrinsics config file to reorient the pointcloud to whatever frame that service is using (you can find examples of this in voxl-mapper and voxl-vision-px4).

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