Downloading PX4 ulog files

  • Hi ModalAI, I have not yet acquired a VOXL2 board, but we are in the process of planning our new avionics roadmap. In this context, I need to know how log files are retrieved if VOXL2 is running the PX4 on DSP.
    Best regards,
    Michael Larsen,

  • Dev Team

    Hi @mlarsen ,

    If you're familiar with QGroundControl, similar to the pixhawks, you can use the Analyze > Logs feature to grab them (over an IP network not USB...)

    We are also saving this on disk here on VOXL2, eg:

    voxl2:/$ cd /data/px4/log/
    voxl2:/data/px4/log$ ls
    sess001  sess003  sess005  sess007  sess009  sess011  sess013  sess015
    sess002  sess004  sess006  sess008  sess010  sess012  sess014
    voxl2:/data/px4/log$ ls sess001
    log001.ulg  log002.ulg  log003.ulg

    Using the USB connection over adb, you can pull from device to your host system, eg:

    adb pull /data/px4/log/sess001/log001.ulg .

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