PCIe M.2 E-Key Wifi compatibility with 5G Modem Carrier

  • Dear,
    By any chance is possible to use one of this PCIe M.2 B-Key wifi modules or also this one on the 5G Modem carrier? This way we have wifi + USB3.0 available!
    In case it's not possible: is this another option that could let us use wifi E-Key modules?

    BTW: I opened this question about the 5G Module Carrier here because there is only the Microhard and LTE discussion forums.


  • Dev Team

    @Eloi Hi Eloi,
    We only support B key on that design and do not support any plug in adapters like your link.
    There is strong certainty that it will not work.
    B key vs A/E key is not just a pin block difference, but several electrical differences exist as well (voltage settings and port options).
    B key is largely defined for modem devices which run on 1S "vbat" and A/E key devices largely for WiFi or I/O devices which run at 3.3V.

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