Microstrain 3DMGX5 Interface

  • I'm trying to receive streamed data from a 3DM-GX5 AHRS via UART. I'm re-using a port I've co-opted before. Last time I ran the interface at 57,600 baud since that was the default already for the port. This time the AHRS only supports 9600, 19200, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600.

    When I try and connect at 19200 I'm not getting the 21 byte packet I expect, which was separately verified with an Arduino using SoftwareSerial.

    I'm seeing a lot of 252's and 28's. I'm looking for 117,101 or if inverted 138,154.

    Is there a baud rate issue with using the UART on J4? Maybe something to do with USART vs UART?

    I have disabled the mapping to TEL3 in default.cmake.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Andrew-Keefe we have not experienced anything like this, although I think lowest I've got is 56700. I am using this J4 currently with a MAVLink instance and it funcions at 115200. We never use flow control, just Rx/Tx, not sure if that's your same setup?

    Sometimes we try to do a loopback, and just write out and read back data at various bauds to prove things out.

  • I verified the UART is working fine using the loopback method, at a few different baud rates. I think the issue is the sensor itself must be encoding the packets differently than I am reading them. I might need to reduce the baud rate down to 9600 and review the data on the oscilloscope.

    The Arduino's SoftwareSerial library didn't work properly until I inverted the input, but I didn't see that option for the linux UART.

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