• For some reason, when I do -
    roslaunch voxl_mpa_to_ros voxl_mpa_to_ros.launch

    it doesn't seem to work fully. Here's the output -

    voxl:~$ roslaunch voxl_mpa_to_ros voxl_mpa_to_ros.launch 
    ... logging to /home/root/.ros/log/7da4c736-3eb2-11ed-b715-18473db1be57/roslaunch-apq8096-3745.log
    Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
    Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
    Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.
    started roslaunch server http://localhost:57891/
     * /rosdistro: indigo
     * /rosversion: 1.11.21
        voxl_mpa_to_ros_node (voxl_mpa_to_ros/voxl_mpa_to_ros_node)
    auto-starting new master
    process[master]: started with pid [3764]
    setting /run_id to 7da4c736-3eb2-11ed-b715-18473db1be57
    process[rosout-1]: started with pid [3777]
    started core service [/rosout]
    process[voxl_mpa_to_ros_node-2]: started with pid [3780]
    MPA to ROS app is now running
    Found new interface: qvio_overlay
    Found new interface: stereo
    Found new interface: tracking
    Found new interface: imu1
    Found new interface: qvio

    And it stops after this. When I do rostopic list on the other terminal, it says unable to communicate with the Master. My bashrc file is correct with correct ROS_MASTER_IP and ROS_IP. Even rqt says the same thing. I plan to see the output of the camera in the rqt viewer.

  • Can someone help me with this? Thanks!

  • I don't know if its related to your problem, but I had a lack of communication issue between voxl-vision and my PX4 and it was due to an additional process, voxl-mavlink-server not running. You may want to check if there are any other supporting processes you need running first in order to bring up ROS. I'm not a ROS user, so I can't help too much in that regard.

  • @gauravshukla914

    Don't know it is related. But I had the same experience. You can't rostopic list because the ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP are not set correctly.

    There is file /home/root/my_ros_env.sh which defines these two variables. Need to be changed to reflect the real values.


  • @Dong-Liu yes that's correct. Everytime a master ip or ros ip changes, I make sure to give the corrects IPs in the bachrc file and source it. This is not the issue, but thanks for the suggestion though!

  • This is solved. I'm made to source my_ros_env.sh file everytime before launching the mpa file. But this never used to happen before. Anyway for now its working by sourcing the my_ros_env.sh everytime. Thanks all!

  • @gauravshukla914 I also noticed it. Somehow on the drone's ROS indigo system. roslaunch voxl_mpa_to_ros voxl_map_to_ros.launch won't honor the existing ROS_MASTER_URI, it always source ROS_MASTER_URI etc from my_ros_env.sh

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