Datalog Transfer via Radio

  • I know that datalog transfer through QGroundControl over USB works great. I can get download speeds of about 250 kbps. When I connect via the RFD 900x I only get download speeds of about 4 kbps. Does this seem correct? The radio boasts possible rates up to 500 kbps. Is this MavLink hogging all of the bandwidth?

    Has anyone tried to remotely connect via the radio and get to Nuttx, to download the file manually? Maybe if I connected via a different COM Port and managed my own serial interface to the radio?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Andrew-Keefe sorry for the lag, had this sitting in my inbox unread! We've not tried this setup but have used other radios via telem ports, and generally you can configure baud rates, what port are you connecting to on flight core and what baud / mavlink modes are being used?

  • I am connecting my RFD 900+ to the J5 connector on the Flight Core. The radio is configured for 57,600 baud.

    I don't have any experience setting mavlink "modes."

    This is an underwater vehicle, so I only communicate with it on the bench. My hope is to not have to open up the pressure vessel to pull off the data logs, which is our current method.

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