TOF camera exposure and brightness problems

  • Hello there,
    While i was running the TOF IR camera ive noticed that the camera is displaying objects only up to 2 meters (altough it is written that it can go about 4-6 meters). Also, the brightness of the camera is very low and i can barely see the objects when they are a little bit far from the camera. How can i change these settings?

  • Dev Team


    The default framerate of 15 hz will limit the sensor to around 2-3 meters, lowering this to 5hz will allow you to see the full range of the sensor. As for the IR image, it's meant to help debug what the sensor sees, this isn't a normal camera with exposure/gain so the IR image will represent what the sensor actually sees, not necessarily in the most human-viewable format (Note that we often find the confidence image looks better to our eyes for demos).

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